General surgery

Our doctors perform routine surgeries almost everyday. These include spays, neuters, and declaws. We also offer more complex procedures, such as intestinal foreign body removal, bladder surgery and soft tissue surgery (lump removals and biopsies). We always provide anesthetic monitoring, safe anesthesia, and appropriate pain control. Pre anesthetic blood work is offered to all of our patients and required if your pet is over 7 years old.

Pre-Surgical Instructions

Canine Surgery Packet

Feline surgery packet

Orthopedic Surgery

All of our orthopedic surgery is done by a specialist, Sr. Steve Timm. Dr. Timm travels around the area to local clinics to perform orthopedic surgery. Some common surgeries he does are cruciate ligament repairs, patellar luxations and fracture repair. If your pet should need orthopedic surgery, you can rest easy knowing that a trained surgeon is performing surgery and that your pet is in good hands with us. As with all of our surgeries, we provide anesthetic bloodwork, monitoring, safe anesthesia, pain control and any after care necessary.